The Measurement Pipette is a precise and accurate tool used for measuring volumes in laboratory settings. With a capacity of 1mL, it allows for the precise transfer of liquids in small quantities.

The pipette is commonly used in scientific research, medical laboratories, and other applications where the accurate measurement of liquids is necessary. It is designed to deliver an exact volume of liquid without any loss or contamination.

Using a measurement pipette involves drawing up the liquid into the pipette using a suction mechanism. The liquid can then be dispensed by pressing the plunger to release the desired volume. The pipette is calibrated to ensure accuracy within certain tolerances.

To maintain accuracy and prevent cross-contamination, it’s important to handle the measurement pipette properly. This includes keeping it clean, using appropriate technique when drawing up and dispensing liquids, and ensuring it is calibrated regularly.

Overall, the 1mL Measurement Pipette provides scientists, researchers, and laboratory professionals with a reliable tool for accurately measuring volumes in a variety of scientific and medical applications.