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Ebselen – Powder, 1g

Ebselen is a type of SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator) that is commonly available in powder form. It comes in a 1g quantity. Ebselen is known for its potential benefits in various areas, such as muscle growth, increased strength, and potential fat loss. As a SARM, Ebselen interacts with the androgen receptors in the body […]

CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid) – Oil, 500mg (16.67mg/mL)

CBDA, or Cannabidiolic Acid, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. It is the precursor to CBD (Cannabidiol) and is commonly found in CBD-dominant hemp strains. CBDA is usually present in raw cannabis and undergoes decarboxylation to convert into CBD through heating or extraction processes. CBDA has gained attention for its potential therapeutic […]

Devil’s Weed (Tribulus Terrestris) | 90%+ Saponins – Powder, 50g

Devil’s Weed, scientifically known as Tribulus Terrestris, is a popular herbal supplement that contains a high concentration of saponins. Saponins are phytochemical compounds known for their potential health benefits. Devil’s Weed has been used in traditional medicine for centuries, particularly in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices. It is primarily valued for its potential to […]

Propylene Glycol – Solvent, 50mL

Propylene Glycol is a versatile solvent commonly used in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It is a clear, odorless liquid that has the ability to dissolve both water-soluble and oil-soluble substances. In the food industry, propylene glycol is often used as a humectant and preservative. It helps to retain moisture and prevent […]

Caterpillar Fungus (Cordyceps Sinensis) | 30%+ Polysaccharides – Powder, 50g

Caterpillar Fungus, scientifically known as Cordyceps Sinensis, is a unique medicinal mushroom widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is also referred to as the “caterpillar fungus” due to its growth on the larvae of certain insects. This potent powder extract contains a minimum of 30% polysaccharides, which are biologically active compounds responsible for many […]

Phenibut Free Amino Acid – Powder, 50g

Phenibut Free Amino Acid is a powder supplement that contains Phenibut, a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). It is known for its potential calming and relaxing effects on the body and mind. Phenibut has been used to alleviate anxiety, promote restful sleep, and enhance mood. It is believed to work by increasing GABA […]

Magnesium L-Threonate – Powder, 50g

Magnesium L-Threonate is a powdered supplement that contains a unique form of magnesium known as Magnesium L-Threonate. This form of magnesium is specifically designed to cross the blood-brain barrier and increase magnesium levels in the brain. Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a crucial role in many bodily functions. It is involved in over […]

N-Acetyl-Selank-Amidate Acetate – Spray

N-Acetyl-Selank-Amidate Acetate is a spray formulation that contains the peptide compound known as Selank. It is a modified version of the naturally occurring peptide tuftsin. Selank has been studied for its potential nootropic and anxiolytic effects. N-Acetyl-Selank-Amidate Acetate is designed to be absorbed through the nasal mucosa, allowing for rapid delivery to the brain. Research […]

ATP Disodium – Powder, 20g

ATP Disodium is a powdered form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), an essential molecule involved in cellular energy metabolism. It serves as the primary source of energy for various biological processes within the body. ATP Disodium is typically used as a dietary supplement to support athletic performance, physical endurance, and muscle recovery. It is believed to […]

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